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Re: orion-list Re: Eisenman

At 09:53 PM 10/16/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear David:
>I really don't know the details of the plagiarism charges against
>Eisenman.  All I know is that I was skimming through a book
>written in the last 4 years or so and there was considerable
>text about him being accused of plagiarism.  I really didn't
>have the time to investigate further.  And on principle, I decided
>that charges like this were designed to "sink" his work and thus
>UNFAIR (!) even if he WAS guilty of plagiarism.  So I turned a
>few more pages, found the detail I was looking for, and closed the
>I only assumed that Eisenman wasn't responsive to my emails
>because he couldn't take the chance that I was trying to "pump"
>him for "private" details of his recent work.

I spoke to him on the phone once a few years ago and he indicated that he
didn't use his email. (I wanted to send him some questions and he said I
should mail them.) That may have changed. The reason for a non-answer may
be as simple as this.
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