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orion-list Re: Eisenman

Dear David:

I really don't know the details of the plagiarism charges against
Eisenman.  All I know is that I was skimming through a book
written in the last 4 years or so and there was considerable
text about him being accused of plagiarism.  I really didn't
have the time to investigate further.  And on principle, I decided
that charges like this were designed to "sink" his work and thus
UNFAIR (!) even if he WAS guilty of plagiarism.  So I turned a
few more pages, found the detail I was looking for, and closed the

I only assumed that Eisenman wasn't responsive to my emails
because he couldn't take the chance that I was trying to "pump"
him for "private" details of his recent work.

>Personally I would love to see someone like Eisenman participate in a 
>list like this. He routinely questions widely held assumptions that he 
>believes >(and in my opinion, oftentimes  rightly) to be invalid, and
just as
>routinely raises questions relating to issues that he believes 
>(again, >oftentimes rightly) to be in need of more serious inquiry.

I share your interest in his work.  In JAMES THE BROTHER... his 
analysis of biblical text in connection with DSS material was AWFULLY
good.  Maybe when he can spend LESS time defending his integrity
he would be open to send emails to this kind of list.  Perhaps he is
one of our more dedicated "lurkers"?

I keep looking for Eisenman's sequel, and hope he is close to 
finishing it.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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