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Re: orion-list Considering 'consider', diction, & Translations (4-1/2

>FWD: Subject: Re: For collectors of 'folk etymology'

     >On 1999-10-12 ANSAX-L@WVNVM.WVNET.EDU said:

     >Dear Rochelle,

     >Where are all these bogus etymologies coming from.  Here are some
     >that one of my students sent to me (assuming they were real).

     >Ed D
George Brooks, said:

   >If you examine ONLY the technical diction of a word, you just might
   >miss how the user actually USES the word.

Come again????

   >Imagine how erroneous a later translater would be to think I was
   >discussing iron OR stars if he read this email which simply asks
   >you to CONSIDER the value of "loaded" translations,

"Loaded translations" have neither value nor place in research.

   >and to advance
   >with a little less energy a rather inflexible focus on "diction,
   >denotation and more diction" (emphasis mine).
   >Please, no more songs.....

As I said, the woodmen and lions will understand, I don't know about
the scarecrows.



Dr. Rochelle I. Altman, co-coordinator IOUDAIOS-L  risa@hol.gr

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