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Re: orion-list Considering 'consider', diction, & Translations (4-1/2 screens)

Dr. Altman:

Regardless of the radiocarbon issues, all you need to do is read EIsenman
understand what I mean by the "density" of the DSS texts.  I will freely
that the Hebrew of the Bible is VERY clever, and is extremely WELL put
The poetry of the Hebrew Bible is some of the best and most complicated
the world.  But this is not what I mean by "density."

I do not believe any of the Bible's author's can "shake a stick" at the
overlays of meanings and word play that goes on in some of the DSS
Afterall, the DSS writers were constantly "innovating" meanings from old
and coming up with brand new concepts, let alone new imagery.  Almost by 
definition, if one poet is trying to tell history or prophecy, and
someone is trying
to weave NEW prophecy from OLD history, the latter will have more
in creating puns, parallel meanings and novel constructs from familiar
of standard scripture.

I really have no clue why you felt it necessary to  introduce the French
or the somewhat odd re-analysis of the word "consider."  If anything it
only supported
my point that to STRIP AWAY "loaded" connations from the "dry" meanings
of the
DSS texts is as error-prone as providing "loaded" translation.  The
is that a STRIPPED down translation will never approach the fullness that
DSS audience heard when they read or listened.  And if one can accept the
risks, a "loaded" translation just might arrive at the true fullness that
was - - more than half the time.

By the way, I agree that I had some details about the word CONSIDER
incorrect.  But  Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (c) 1988 says
the following: "from Latin
considerare, literally, to observe the stars, from com- + sider-, sidus -
star".  Your
comments about iron and such ignore my point in relation to the DSS

All you had to do is pick up a dictionary to understand what I was
Instead you drilled down into the layers of English diction until you had
a complete confusion of what you thought I was commenting on.

If you examine ONLY the technical diction of a word, you just might miss
the user actually USES the word.  Imagine how erroneous a later
would be to think I was discussing iron OR stars if he read this email
simply asks you to CONSIDER the value of "loaded" translations, and to 
advance with a little less energy a rather inflexible focus on "diction,
and more diction" (emphasis mine).

Please, no more songs.....

George Brooks
Tampa, FL
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