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Re: orion-list Scriptorium & Eisenman

Sorry, Jim, you have missed my point. I'm quite familiar with Eisenman's
views, but I don't think he has written on the BIBLICAL TEXT in the DSS,
which is what the Scriptorium conference is all about. If he has made
contributions to TEXTUAL study (i.e. Biblical Text), I'd like to know
about them. He has tended to be concerned more with historical
reconstruction and the interpretation of the various (mostly non-biblical)
fragments, not with TEXTUAL work as such. Or am I missing something?

> At 08:28 PM 10/11/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >I was a bit surprised at the suggestion that Robert Eisenman should be on
> >the Scriptorium Conference program. Has Eisenman made significant
> >contributions to the study of the biblical text in the DSS? I wasn't aware
> >that he was active in that area of research.
> !!!
> He is quite the maverick and his views are not very popular with the main
> stream- but he has been working on the Qumran community and scrolls related
> things for a while now.
> best,
> Jim

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