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Re: orion-list Scriptorium conference (ANE crosspost)

To:  G. Levene

I too would appreciate an Eisenman website.  But this might not
suit his efforts to keep his work to himself so that he won't be
accused of "plagiarism" again.  If you don't talk about your ideas
with anyone you can't be accused of "ripping off" someone else's

When I once tried to initiate contact with him, I never heard from
him:  Two emails and a telephone message.  Perhaps someone
his academic equal could "reach" him?  He may be quite gun-shy
because of the rather "vigorous" opposition he has run into, with
some overtones of viciousness.  I don't know enough about the 
situation, but it does seem unusually tense.

I'm sure we all look forward to his next book!

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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