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Re: orion-list Re: Dumb questions department.; builders of the wall

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> Let me ask you this- do you think most people actually read the scrolls in
> hebrew and aramaic?  Do you believe that folk simply read "about" the

1) no; 2) yes

> >How does the exchange of knowledge between different disciplines work?
> this is irrelevant to the issue under discussion.

If we talk about the "Many", then you're right.

> >Should the one call the other "Master" with a devote ko-tao?
> One should think for oneself.


> >And what is accuracy worth? "Fuehrer" means "leader", but we all know
> >is meant.
> I dont think you mean this.  You are suggesting that every time we see the
> word "Fuehrer" we are to understand "Hitler"?  That is just foolishness.

Tell that to a Jew with a "German fate". Good luck.

> >Quid quid recipitur, semper ad modum recipientis recipitur.
> Not always!!!!!

Nearly  always, ok?

> >But possibly s. o. likes to build a new wall around the scholarly ivory
> >tower...
> s.o.?  I think your sort of rambling now.  My comments were directed at
> those who read "about" something without ever reading that "something"
> itself.  So the natural question now is, have you read the scrolls or have
> you simple read about them?  Are you dependent for what you think because
> you have primary acquaintance with the sources or because you are taking
> word of someone else about them?

Now I understand what you've meant. Sorry for having taken you for a kind of
However, it is impossible to translate the complete corpus first and than to
say hello... :-)

> >For variety in unity,
> ???

"Einheit in der Vielfalt (des Judentums)" - a phrase introduced by Pinchas
Lapide (was professor at the Bar-Ilan U)

NB. Thanks for your utmost useful link to the RTL software.


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