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Re: orion-list Dumb questions department. >>Tzedek does not mean "righteousness." It means the right or >correct way... >.... or active probation in the 'imitatio dei', a phrase normally >linked to 'righteousness' (Tzedeka).

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>Therefore, 'righteous' is, at best, a weak translation.
> To state that 'tzedek' if translated as 'righteous' is normally linked
> to 'imitatio dei' goes right back to the point about a poor and
> loaded translation.

Thus the scholarly platform of DSS research is weak, eh?

> We note 'moreh' is the normal modern Hebrew term for an elementary or
> high school teacher. The use in the sense of educator dates back at least
> to the Mishna...

Exactly that is the crux. New given Torah is the exception, I suppose.
Therefore eg. a certain John the Baptist didn't belong into the category

>'Maskil' is a much more difficult word (see the Psalms)
> and suggests 'explicator', if anything. While the root is undoubtedly
> 'sechel', intelligence, and this is a causative verb, the literal sense
> of 'making smart' is subject to quite a bit of semantic shift.

I've translated "intelligent one", that refers to his job, for
"Maskil" seems to be a designation for a functionary, responsible for
political education and tradition.
(intelligence service :-)

> Asking for an unloaded, correct translation breeds flies?

If you unload to much, at that easily occurs, nothing useful will remain.
A correct  translation in the WYSIWYG form creates problems instead of
making the text more transparent.
And superfluous problems are a good spiritual breeding ground for flies...
Cf. eg. the eternal discussions about the meaning of biblical "DAWAR".


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