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Re: orion-list Dumb questions department. >>Tzedek does not mean "righteousness." It means the right or >correct way... >.... or active probation in the 'imitatio dei', a phrase normally >linked to 'righteousness' (Tzedeka).

No. Tzedek is normally paired with yosher. Rightness and straightness,
not only in Biblical Hebrew, but (using cognates) in most Northwest
Semitic civilizations. Therefore, 'righteous' is, at best, a weak translation.
To state that 'tzedek' if translated as 'righteous' is normally linked
to 'imitatio dei' goes right back to the point about a poor and
loaded translation.

   >....to be a professor. However,
   >'Moreh' doesn't mean 'reproducing (eg. College)Teacher' but
   >'authoritative instructor (eg. for new Torah)', easy to decide from
   >'Maskil' ,
   >ie 'reproducing instructor/intelligent one', a kind of political

Well, not really... that's rather a stretch.
We note 'moreh' is the normal modern Hebrew term for an elementary or
high school teacher. The use in the sense of educator dates back at least
to the Mishna... 'Maskil' is a much more difficult word (see the Psalms)
and suggests 'explicator', if anything. While the root is undoubtedly
'sechel', intelligence, and this is a causative verb, the literal sense
of 'making smart' is subject to quite a bit of semantic shift.

   >[snip] The rest tends to be intelligent hairsplitting, for not every
   >is called 'Tzadok' but every 'Tzadok' is a 'Tzaddik'.

Why "every 'Tzadok' is a 'Tzaddik'"???? (Except possibly among Sadducees -
after all, they are named after somebody named 'Tzadok'.)

   >IMO this is the ultimate way to breed flies in s.o. brain....
Asking for an unloaded, correct translation breeds flies?

   >With a happy buzz-buzz to all,

Bees in your bonnet??? Bats in your belfry???


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