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Re: orion-list Dumb questions department.; builders of the wall


   >> The reason folk dont render it accurately is because they are
   >>most likely  not rendering at all.  Instead, they are reading what
   >>someone else has  written without bothering to look at the texts
   >themselves.  In other words,
   >> too many people are dependent on secondary sources.  Scholarship
   >>cannot  proceed on that basis however.
   >Is that the cause for the mass of bibliographical references and
   >footnotes in scholarly works?

Well, you've just confirmed Jim's point <G>

   >How does the exchange of knowledge between different disciplines
What has this to do with the state of aardvarks on sunday?

   >Should the one call the other "Master" with a devote ko-tao?
The only "master" we have around here is the documents - not

   >And what is accuracy worth? "Fuehrer" means "leader", but we all
   >know what is meant.

Are some of your best friends Jewish???

   >Quid quid recipitur, semper ad modum recipientis recipitur.

That's doing theology, not doing research.

   >But possibly s. o. likes to build a new wall around the scholarly
   >ivory tower...

Okay, I'll bite... what's s.o.???

   >For variety in unity,

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