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Re: orion-list Re: Dumb questions department.; builders of the wall

At 03:12 PM 10/11/99 +0200, you wrote:

>Is that the cause for the mass of bibliographical references and footnotes
>in scholarly works?

Let me ask you this- do you think most people actually read the scrolls in
hebrew and aramaic?  Do you believe that folk simply read "about" the texts?

>How does the exchange of knowledge between different disciplines work?

this is irrelevant to the issue under discussion.

>Should the one call the other "Master" with a devote ko-tao?

One should think for oneself.

>And what is accuracy worth? "Fuehrer" means "leader", but we all know what
>is meant.

I dont think you mean this.  You are suggesting that every time we see the
word "Fuehrer" we are to understand "Hitler"?  That is just foolishness.

>Quid quid recipitur, semper ad modum recipientis recipitur.

Not always!!!!!

>But possibly s. o. likes to build a new wall around the scholarly ivory

s.o.?  I think your sort of rambling now.  My comments were directed at
those who read "about" something without ever reading that "something"
itself.  So the natural question now is, have you read the scrolls or have
you simple read about them?  Are you dependent for what you think because
you have primary acquaintance with the sources or because you are taking the
word of someone else about them?

>For variety in unity,




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