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Re: orion-list Re: Dumb questions department.

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Dr. Rochelle philosophies, that


>Tzedek does not mean "righteousness." It means the right or correct way...

... or active probation in the 'imitatio dei', a phrase normally linked to
'righteousness' (Tzedeka).

>as in the very accurate Old English translation of 'tzedek' (from which
>the modern semantic side-slip righteousness comes) 'rihtwissenesse', that
>is 'rightwayness'? A closer modern English translation of 'Moreh Tzedek'
>would be something like 'Teacher of Ethics' or 'Teacher of Morals'; that
>is, Ethics Professor. (And, incidentally, 'professor' means someone who

...to be a professor. However,
'Moreh' doesn't mean 'reproducing (eg. College)Teacher' but
'authoritative instructor (eg. for new Torah)', easy to decide from 'Maskil'
ie 'reproducing instructor/intelligent one', a kind of political

[snip] The rest tends to be intelligent hairsplitting, for not every
is called 'Tzadok' but every 'Tzadok' is a 'Tzaddik'.

IMO this is the ultimate way to breed flies in s.o. brain....

With a happy buzz-buzz to all,

Dierk (likewise Dr.)

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