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Re: orion-list Scriptorium conference (ANE crosspost)

The reference about Robert Eisenman relates to the apparent
"absence" of this controversial thinker from the the Scriptorium
conference schedule.

To anticipate one more question, if you read his work JAMES
THE BROTHER OF JESUS, you will understand the source
of the controversy.  I myself found the book packed with
marvelous insights and real "discoveries" of the hidden
meanings in the Dead Sea Scrolls.... even though I prefer
Michael Wise's conclusion of who the Teacher of Righteousness
is (a priest named Judah) over Eisenman's (that Jesus was
the Teacher of Righteousness).

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

On Sun, 10 Oct 1999 13:58:26 -0600 leorose@Juno.Com writes:
>What do you mean by  'what no Robert Eisenman' ?
>Is this a cryptic message for the initiated?
>Leo Abrami

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