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orion-list forwarded request

Vinton Dearing:

There are of course several passages in the Scrolls which seem to correspond
closely (at times) with the sentiments expressed in the Gospel accounts placed
into the mouth of "Iesous" (Jesus); but remember we are dealing with several
Koine Greek translations of oral and written material which circulated
originally in Galilean Aramaic and transported to various communities via
several  languages (e.g. Greek, Syriac, Coptic, even Latin etc.)  for 15-40
years before settling into the form in which we read the various Greek texts
today of Matthew, Mark, Luke etc..

.  Here are some passages which show certain parallels with what has come to be
known as the "teaching of Jesus" (according to the Synoptic Gospels) in the
scrolls on the subject of repayment of "evil for evil...":

l.   1 QS Column 10 (lines 17-21): (Echoes from the Song of Moses, Deut 34:
Vengeance is Mine, saith YHWH; I shall recompense)

     translation: "To no man  shall I return Evil for Evil.
                                      I shall pursue a man only for Good.
                             For with [El] resides the Condemnation of all the
                                      Yea he shall pay each man his due
Recompense [in full];
                             My Zeal shall not be tarnish'd by a spirit of
                                       Neither shall I lust for Mammonah
[="riches"] , taken by Force.
                             The Multitude of Evil Men I shall not entrap,
                                       That is, Until the Day of Vengeance:
                             Yet my Fury shall not abate from the Men of the
                                       I shall never be fully appeased until
Righteousness be established.

Later the writer here (the Moreh?)  seems to deviate somewhat from blindly
loving everyone:

                             I shall hold no angry Grudge against those
repenting of their sins;
                                       yet neither shall I love any of those who
rebel against the Way;
                             Those smitten (with sin) I shall not comfort until
their steps be perfected.
                                       For I shall give no place of Refuge in my
heart to Belial.

There are others, but will this suffice for now?

Take care,

Donald Goodell (B.A. Hons. Theol.  Dunelm)
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