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orion-list forwarded request


I forward this in the hopes that someone will know.  (and I know someone will!).

>     I read recently (or at any rate this year) that in one of the 
>Dead Sea Scrolls there is agreement with Jesus' directions in the 
>Sermon on the Mount about doing good to your enemies. I am familiar 
>with the opposite point of view in the Manual of Discipline. The 
>article, I think it was, said something about the work in question 
>having been given a name by scholars, but working through the index 
>to the two volumes of the translation of the DSS on UCLA's research 
>library shelves did not trigger any recognition. If any of you can 
>help me it might be best to write direct to dearing@humnet.ucla.edu.
>   Thanks
>      Vinton Dearing 
Jim West, ThD
email- jwest@highland.net
web page-  http://web.infoave.net/~jwest

'Mythology is what never was but always is.' Stephen of Byzantium

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