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Re: orion-list contamination

 in reply to Tim Phillips,

Sorry for the delay in replying, I will try to give a more definitive answer
to item #1 later, this requires digging into the lab books.

Tim L Phillips wrote:

> And for T. Jull in particular:
> In your paper on carbon 14 dating of certain Dead Sea Scrolls at Tucson,
> you mention that some of the samples had to be removed from the NaOH
> bath early to prevent them from dissolving. As this might have
> significance, could you list which samples had to be removed?

This affected the samples which showed the most gelatinization of the
parchment, I will get back to you on which ones were most affected.

> The paper also mentions that some samples were contaminated with glue
> and needed to be preprocessed. If some of the glue had been absorbed
> into the pores of the parchment, how can one tell if all the
> contamination has been removed?

We looked at the processed samples, to look for any residue.  I agree it might
be difficult to determine if all glue was removed, however, the glue used is
very soluble in acetone and I believe it should all be dissolved.

> Were any corners cut when a provided sample was as small as 4Q521 (ie
> only 5 mg)?

Only the question of the time of the NaOH pretreatment, as discussed in #1

I hope this is useful, Tim Jull

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