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orion-list 4Q247

Listers (yes Im back...),
Two things-
1- the 2 volume edition of Garcia-Martinez's "Dead Sea Scrolls Study
Edition" that Eerdmans is putting out should be available by the time the
SBL meeting rolls around in November- possibly even by the first of Nov.
(in case anyone is interested, both volumes, including shipping, are 66$
from our pals at Eisenbrauns).

2- There is a really marvelous article in the newest number of Eretz Israel
by Magen Broshi on 4Q247,  "A Commentary on the Apocalypse of Weeks".
Broshi says that Milik was most likely correct in interpreting this fragment
as a commentary.



Jim West, ThD
email- jwest@highland.net
web page-  http://web.infoave.net/~jwest

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