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Re: orion-list Baigent & Leigh (was Angel Scroll)

Dear Greg,

I do agree with Prof. Vermes, that the refusal on the part of the small
group of scholars (mainly Catholic) not to publish those manuscripts for
almost forty years,  was indeed a "scandal". 

I am convinced, on the basis of the statements made by John Strugnell and
several dignitaries of the Roman Catholic Church with whom I had
conversations in the last twenty years, that there was an agreed policy, 
coordinated by the Vatican authorities, not to publish the documents or
to release them at a very slow pace ( forty or more years) in order to
avoid some possible crisis in the world of scholarship. Theologians do
not like to be confronted by history; they prefer to write their own
interpretations and claim that they are based on revelation.

Baigent did not invent their facts; they got most of them from Eisenman
and Shanks who had recorded some of them on tape.

We do not live in the age of Galileo anymore.

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