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orion-list 1QS and hellenistic associations

Does anyone know of critical reaction or discussion of the article
by Matthias Klinghardt, "The Manual of Discipline in the Light of 
Statutes of Hellenistic Associaitons", pp. 251-270 in M. Wise 
et al, _Methods of Investigation of the Dead Sea Scrolls..._, 
New York, 1994?  

Klinghardt further develops comparative parallels between 1QS
and Hellenistic associations argued by Moshe Weinfeld 1986.  
But whereas Weinfeld noted the parallels without claiming
that the association of 1QS was such an association, that is 
the step that Klinghardt takes.  Klinghardt argued that not only
1QS but the origin of synagogues is to be understood in this
light, and that the Qumran Serekh texts are the earliest known 
synagogue rules.  Klinghardt concluded: "comparing 1QS to 
statutes of pagan-Hellenistic associations is of great 
methodological importance: these analogies are the only ones 
relative to the organization of the _yachad_ that we have so 
far--no matter how convincing they are in particular.  In my opinion, 
the burden of proof lies with the critics of this perspective . . ."

Greg Doudna  

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