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orion-list a good introduction - THE FIRST MESSIAH - TEACHER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS

Dear Alexander Harvey:

I just finished THE FIRST MESSIAH by Michael O. Wise.  It is a BRILLIANT
re-interpretation of popular AND obscure Dead Sea texts.  It was
just a few months ago, so I hope you consider it "new" enough.

This is NOT a book that everyone is going to agree on, but I found his
argument for WHO and WHEN the Teacher of Righteousness was
writing to be QUITE compelling.  Sometimes he "stretches" things, but 
he almost always ADMITS when he is doing this.  And there are other
things that I think he could have "EXTENDED" but he didn't feel the

I STRONGLY recommend this book to the entire list.  The only reason
some of list members won't like it is because it does such a good job
demolishing OPPOSING theories.  I think it is quite persuasive about
identifying The Teacher of Righteousness.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL 

On Sat, 25 Sep 1999 13:04:46 EST "Alexander Harvey"
<awharvey@hotmail.com> writes:
>Dear subscribers --
>Is there anyone out there who can recommend a good popular 
>introduction to 
>this subject? There are so many books in print that expound the most 
>fanciful theories regarding the scrolls, their authors, the date of 
>composition, and their significance that it's very hard to work out 
>what the 
>"facts" of the matter are. (If indeed there are any as yet!)

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