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orion-list a good introduction?

Dear subscribers --

Is there anyone out there who can recommend a good popular introduction to 
this subject? There are so many books in print that expound the most 
fanciful theories regarding the scrolls, their authors, the date of their 
composition, and their significance that it's very hard to work out what the 
"facts" of the matter are. (If indeed there are any as yet!)

In particular, I want a book that has been written recently that can be read 
by the lay person that discusses the extent to which the scholarly community 
is influenced by the "orthodox" theories of de Vaux and his successors, the 
cogency of these same theories, and certainly a book that is not 
controversial or sensational! I am particularly interested in the relevance 
of these scrolls to the early history of Christianity.

Please send your reply to me privately (awharvey@hotmail.com) -- thanks.


Alex Harvey

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