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orion-list contamination

Dear Anyone,

This has to do with the earlier question I had concerning wear from
scroll usage. I realize that contaminants would need to be removed
before ever being able to distinguish them from wear. And would oil from
skin (unless they used a yad) not be present? Would using a chemical
bath or otherwise not effect evidence of handling (posibly related to
age of a scroll)?

And for T. Jull in particular:

In your paper on carbon 14 dating of certain Dead Sea Scrolls at Tucson,
you mention that some of the samples had to be removed from the NaOH
bath early to prevent them from dissolving. As this might have
significance, could you list which samples had to be removed?

The paper also mentions that some samples were contaminated with glue
and needed to be preprocessed. If some of the glue had been absorbed
into the pores of the parchment, how can one tell if all the
contamination has been removed?

Were any corners cut when a provided sample was as small as 4Q521 (ie
only 5 mg)?

Tim Phillips
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