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Re: orion-list RE: Orion-List 63 BCE & all that

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999 15:10:42 -300, risa@mail.hol.gr writes:
>Mr. Doudna,

   [... Snip ...]

>   ignores all the evidence
>   that materials were put in, *taken out*, some put back and others
>   removed at various times down the ages. (You really should read Origen
>   and Jerome.) 
   [... Snip ...]

   I know of Origen and his Hexapla and so on and that he had a
   great many sources from the time but does he cite Cave sources? 
   If so, I'd like to know.  Further, is there any evidence recorded
   in the journals of the cave clearances that the deposits were
   accessed at any or several times over the millennia until finally
   cleared?  Or, once more, like the treatment of the texts during
   clearance, another example of possible answers to questions we
   can't show for there's little or no documentation?

   Somewhere I missed something.  However, I'm not a specialist.

>Dr. Rochelle I. Altman, co-coordinator IOUDAIOS-L  risa@hol.gr

Tom Simms
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