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orion-list conventions used

I do not want to interrupt the thread, but would appreciate it someone
mail offlist an explanation....

I have seen numerous times translations such as below. How do the
bracketed portions relate directly to the original text? For example
s[econd (in Tebet) --] ---what does the "s" correspond to exactly in the
original text? How much is there that it represents before a suggested
reading is supplied from it? How does one decide what a single or a few
characters will indicate in completing the word or passage? 

A reference explaining it would do.


Dierk van den Berg wrote:
> Greg,
> please read:
> 4Q324a frg. 3, line 3  [ -- (the course of) Shekanjah(?) wh]ich is the
> s[econd (in Tebet) -- ]
> Thanks.

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