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Re: orion-list 63 BCE; 4QMishC

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Wise's designation of 4QMish C as 'annalistic calendar' sounds comfortable,
at least if we are willing to reinterpret 4Q322 (Mish A) frg. 1 as an
overseen fragment  of 4QMish C -  commentaries on month eight of year six
(vs. Eisenman, i.e, month six. of year two) . And if there's really a
certain A. Gabinius hidden behind the lacuna - well, then Ian's scenario
turns into my own, for Gabinius' 'War Scroll col. 1b campaign' (as
ruler/governor of the Kittim/Romans of Ashur/Syria) against Alexandria in 54
BC and his later return to Jerusalem to prepare his second campaign against
the 'Kings of the North', i.e. the Parthians, in the same year, doubtlessly
outmaneuvers the 63er deadline theory as well as Russell's innovative
Channukah War Scroll scenario. And my Herodian 'earthquake' scenario quakes
again, more fiery than ever... :-)
However, the war scenario of Aem. Scaurus (did he really participate?)
against Aretas seems to be logical positioned in 4QMish C only if we assume
that the redaction had no knowledge of Scaurus' overlord Pompey and the
political intentions behind the Roman campaigns - the *complete*
reorganization of the Orient.
Moreover, how should we judge the political opinion of the redaction?
Ante-Hyrcanian if Hyrcan stands, not to congratulate but to wage war against
Aristobul (cf. 4Q322 frg.2)? thus pro-Roman, for Scaurus' early military and
political actions were utmost profitable for Aristobul? I'm not sportive
enough to skate away on such thin ice. Unfortunately we know less more about
Scaurus' Syrian government than references to an utmost high developed
corruptibility, a fault he completely shared with his Syrian colleagues,
Gabinius, Crassus and Cassius...

Best regards,
Tactics are only a very small part of warfare.
                                -  Xenophon, Memorabilia
[... I vote for Ian's return to the Orion list...]

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