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Re: orion-list Golb on 63 BCE; 4QMishC

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A calendaric document doesn't belong of necessity to the genre of annals (as
Greg claims), at least not if a certain historical person - an always still
doubtful 'MLJWS (Scaurus)-  is used as a kind of mnemonic aid or add-on in
reminder of a slaughter at the specific starting point of the weekly service
course of the division of Jechezqe'l in Iyar 10th-16th, year 5 of the 6-year
circle of the luni-solar calendar. But perhaps one must be a friend of the
theory of 'high precision paleographic dating' (a term, which reminds of
applied Birnbaum arithmetic...) to understand 4Q324a=4QMish(marot)C's
'ultimate' connection with the assumed deadline of the siege of Jerusalem in
63 BC.
N.B. Aem. Scaurus had the political 'license to kill' first after the fall
of Jerusalem as governor of Syria (+ Judaea) late 63 - early 61 BC, thus a
deposition under siege of a scroll, which mentions his name, is to be
enjoyed with caution...

Best regards,
Tactics are only a very small part of warfare.
                                -  Xenophon, Memorabilia

Greg wrote:
> (1) The linguistic dating argument for 1st century CE Copper Scroll
> and MMT because of MH features is invalid for reasons analogous
> to high-precision palaeographic datings of Qumran texts: there is
> no basis for knowing this type of language use started only in the
> 1st CE, and not earlier.  In fact 4QMishC, which has only late
> Hasmonean-era names and gives every appearance of having been
> composed contemporary with the names and events to which it refers,
> has similar "Mishnaic Hebrew" affinities; prima facie this suggests
> MMT/Copper Scroll type of writing was being done in the mid-1st BCE.
> As for the linguistic differences between Copper Scroll, MMT, and
> MishC, on the one hand, and the literary texts on the other, these
> likely can be accounted for in terms of genre (the Copper Scroll being
> an economic text; MMT a letter [copies of]; MishC an annal).  Any
> linguistic dating argument against 1st BCE dates for these texts can
> therefore be dismissed.

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