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Re: orion-list Golb on 63 BCE

   Dear Peterson
   The point of a cave being worked is not an issue of 
comfort, though in part it is, but rather that it had been 
worked, i.e. someone was utilizing it for a long term 
purpose without any doubt. So if a cave had been worked, 
the theory of a hasty deposit during a Roman siege may 
potentially be ruled out, especially if it can be proven 
the primary function of the caves was to be a depository 
for the scrolls. 
   Though during a time of difficulty an already existing 
depository may prove convenient and serve several 
libraries or collections in the surrounding area. Much like 
what happened with the Nag Hammadi Manuscripts where 
atleast three libraries seem to have hid a collection of 
Gnostic texts together, for what ever reason. I just don't 
like the single period single reason theorization. 
Something always seems to be missing. And people are trying 
to find contemporaries of their single favorite period of 
deposit for the characters in our "drama", being portrayed 
within the scrolls.  
   As far as dating, I would like to see some stratigraphy, 
but I suppose I can dream;). 
   I am trying to get this job in Jordan, and I need to do 
a research project. Y'know, if I get it, I just might dig 
up everything written about the archaeology of the DSS and 
put it on one big database/GIS, reconstruct the position of 
the finds using photo's and put it on-line using VRML or 
something like it. 

Interesting chatting and thanks for some interesting and even 
understanding replies. 

Bradley Harrison 


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