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Re: orion-list Golb on 63 BCE

> The archeological evidence on finds from the *Second* Revolt (for the
> evidence, though not the conclusions I draw here, see Yigael Yadin's book
> BAR KOKHBA:.... In such a move, they took their texts as
> well as their wealth.  In some instances they left carefully buried
> archives and belongings behind them, to be retrieved later.

Barkhva caves were artificial catacombs dug into the soft 
limestone hills (Not too dissimilar to what the British 
have done to Gibraltar). They were more underground than 
they were on cliff sides, with winding tunnels, multiple 
exits, and different rooms, some were even quite large 
spacious and comfortable, while others were more crammed. 
The caves at Quamran are far from the genre of the Barkhva 
Bradley Harrison

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