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Re: orion-list Re: Golb on 63 BCE, single period deposit

To answer you question a test would have to be done on the 
pots. TL testing or thermal luminescence(sp?) testing. This 
will date when the pottery was made. It has the same error 
almost as C14 dating. Compare this with the C14 and the 
paleographic data and you will see a trend or the lack of 
    But for a quick answer look in Schiffman's book where 
he gives that chart on the C14/paleographic dates. It was 
mentioned early in his book. Unfortunately I've packed it. 
But I must admit, I would need to look at the material 
much closer than I have in the past. Plus the material 
would need to be quantified. What age scroll was found in 
what pot, what fragments were not found in pots, were the 
caves natural or man made, what is the spatial distribution 
of the caves, the scrolls, their ages and condition.
   But if we go by Schiffman's chart were are potentially 
dealing with a tradition to hide, bury, deposit material in 
those cave possibly dating from the Persian period through 
to the Arabic period. This sound to me like a genizah type 

Brad Harrison 


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