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orion-list Re: Golb on 63 BCE, single period deposit

Why is it assumed that the Dead Sea Scrolls were a single 
period deposit? One cave had been worked on to supply 
shelving or hanging baskets. this does not suggest a hasty 
deposit. Plus there were several caves with material from 
various dates, including Arabic material and some similar 
Simaritan deposits just to the north dating from the 
Persian Period. And on top of all that we find DSS in a 
gennezah(sp?)in Egypt. 
   What is the evidence that the DSS are a single period 
deposit, let alone a hasty single period deposit. 

   Certainly I agree that some were deposited in the Roman 
period, but not them all. Rather I suspect that a gennizah 
style tradition already existed in the area and materials 
were being deposited in the caves in various times, 
including times of trouble trouble. Possibly ranging from 
the Persian Period to the Roman and possibly the Arabic 
   I have found nothing to suggest that all the DSS are a 
single period hasty deposit.
   The real question should be which scrolls were deposited 
when and in what caves. Was it in haste, waste, or storage. 


Bradley Harrison
MSc Arch. Computing
U. Southampton

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