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Re: orion-list Pliny HN 5.73, Agrippa, Nicolaus, 'nocent'

   As a cautionary note, the Loeb Edition Greek text for Pseudo-Aristotle's 
_de Plantis_ is translated from a Latin text which is translated from an 
Arabic text.  Thus the phrase nekra thalassos = Dead Sea is not directly 
attested.  One should consult the Arabic (and Syriac?).  The definitive 
critical edition is by Drossaart Lulofs, titled _Nicolaus Damascenus de 
plantis : five translations_  (Aristoteles Semitico-latinus series; Amsterdam 
; New York : North-Holland Pub. Co., 1989).  According to Worldcat (accession 
# 20300670) this has "Text in Syriac, Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek with 
English translations on facing pages; commentary in English."  If someone has 
access to this book, perhaps they could clarify the evidentiary basis for  
the reconstructed phrase nekra thalassos, if any.

   Russell Gmirkin

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