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Re: orion-list Pliny HN 5.73, Agrippa, Nicolaus, 'nocent'

Russell Gmirkin's early identification of Nicolaus of Damascus as Pliny's
likely source for this "Esseni" *and* "nocent" passage (as well as
generally for the Essenes, re Josephus) has seemed to me from the start
(of this very long exchange) as plausible, if not probable, and for many
of the same reasons which he was prodded in producing throughout.
Russell's present reference, however, to a "1923 (...) Arabic manuscript
of _De Plantis_ (...) discovered with the title, "The book of Plants by
Aristotle, the commentary by Nicolaus" likely makes, imo, an important
connction, since the said "Pseudo-Aristotle, _De Plantis_ 2.2.25" :
"So it is natural that nothing can sink or be born in the Dead Sea
[nekra thalassa]." does indeed accord and explains the "nocent" passage,
at least as I have etymologized it. Contrary to this, the Agrippa as
Pliny's source argument seems, now more than ever to me, improbable.

I have more in mind to say, but as am, again, to leave town for a few
days, I will pick up after the thread upon returning.

Isidoros,  Athens

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