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Re: orion-list Pliny part I

Hi everyone, Avital.
I apologize about the length; thought members might have liked to have
the earlier translations with arguments on hand. Apologies, too, about
the "Part I" formatting. Now, come to think of it-- in certain parts of
the planetary woods, whenever inadvertent printing errors occured
some would say these were due to "the demon of the printing-shop".
We know now there is also a "demon in the server" :)
With good wishes,
Isidoros,  Athens

>At 11:05 AM 9/3/99 +0300, Isidoros wrote:
>>Second of two parts ------
>Part one was too long and majordomo bounced it to the list-owner account.
>I've forwarded it to the list, so it should be arriving soon.

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