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orion-list Writing systems

To Rochelle Altman:   

> >    That is, an ancient reader would see letters slightly apart and
> >    stretch out the sound, see letters jammed together and say the
> >    sounds quickly together, etc.
> Definitely, and we have numerous authors who attest to this.... in fact,
> the name of my book, _Absent Voices_, is a paraphrase of a comment made
> by Isidore of Seville as to how writing literally permits one to *hear*
> the 'voice of the absent'. It is a matter of training. Do not forget that
Could you give some specific reference to an ancient author who attests 
to the marking of phonological phenomenae by varying the spacing 
between alphabetic letters within single words?  

>     (3) Do any of the books in your bibliography make the argument that
>     scribal spacing/jamming of letters in some other language are
>     routinely reflecting pronounciation phenomenae?
> No. There are precisely five people who have examined the meaning of
> the clumping and spacing at any length: Robert Stevick, Andre Crepin,
> and Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe in Anglo-Saxon studies; Columba Kelly, in
> Gregorian Semiology, and myself. (In AS studies, after reading my material
Have any of these published an article in a journal on this phenomenon?
Are you quite certain that they are claiming slight variabilities in
horizontal spacings between letters within words are phonologically

Greg Doudna

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