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Subject: orion-list Writing systems: Added Bib

Whether people understand the relevance or not, here are the books
referred to in the previous post - plus a few helpful additions:

Stevick, Robert D. _Suprasegmentals, Meter and the Manuscript of Beowulf_.
           The Hague: Mouton (1968).

Cre'pin, Andre. __Beowulf: Edition diplomatique et texte critique,
           traduction franc,aise, commentaires et vocabulaire_. 2 vols.
           Go"ppingen: Ku"mmerle Verlag, 1991.

O'Keeffe, Katherine O'Brien. _Visible Song: Transitional Literacy in Old
           English Verse_. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1990.

Kelly, Rev. Columba, O.S.B. _The Cursive Torculus Design in the Codex St.
           Gall 359 and its Rhythmical Significance: A Paleographical and
           Semiological Study_. St. Meinrad, Indiana: Abbey, 1964.

Altman, Rochelle I. _Psalms from the Paris Psalter: Psalm 23(22)_. 1993.
           (Out of print - copyright reverted and parts included in
           forthcoming book.)

For a good discussion on the basics of chant in general:

Sunyol, Gregori M. _Introduccio a la Paleografia Musical Gregoriana_.
          Montserrat: Abadia, 1925.
Apel, Willi. _Gregorian Chant_. Bloomington & Indianapolis: Indiana
        U Press, 1990. (See particularly the first three chapters on
        the relationship of Christian music to the Hebrew melodies.)

For a discussion on the territorial aspects of scriptoria, see:

Corbin, Solange. "Die Neumen." _Palaeographie der Musik_. Koln: Arno
        Volk, 1979.

Basic reading on Hebrew Poetry:

Watson, Wilfred G. E. _Classical Hebrew Poetry: A Guide to its Techniques_.
        Sheffield: JSOT, 1984.
Van der Meer, Willem and Johannes C. de Moor. _The Structural analysis of
        Biblical and Canaanite Poetry_. Sheffield: JSOT, 1988. 1-61.

For a model on how to correlate graph-to-phone, see:

Marchand, James W. _The Sounds and Phonemes of Wulfila's Gothic_. The
          Hague: Mouton, 1973.

For an understanding of the role of memory in these cultures, see:

Carruthers, Mary J. _The Book of Memory: A Study of Memory in Medieval
        Culture_. Cambridge: CUP, 1990. (Reprt. 1993, 1994).



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