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RE: orion-list Orion-List: Serech (5-1/2 screens)

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Thanks to Rochelle for the work that went into her presentation.  I'm still
pouring over the photographs.  I wonder if there aren't at least two typos,
however (see below)?

> Scribe 1 writes his sin (l.1 Israel) with a straight central 
> stroke and his
> shin (l.2 mishpat) with a curved central stroke. Both the 
> right- and left-
> hand legs of his shin/sin are straight (not bowed). His 'taf' 
> (l.1 zot) has

I'm still looking for the zot.

> Scribe 2 writes both his sin and his shin with a straight 
> central stroke;
> however, he writes the right-hand leg of his shin straight 
> and his sin bowed.
> His 'taf' is again written in two strokes, but there is quite 
> a diffeence
> beteen the 'tafs' of Scribes 1 and 2. Scribe 2 starts his 
> right-hand side
> with a very rounded headstroke, similar to the right half of 
> a sans-serif
> 'h'; his completion stroke starts above the headstroke, comes 
> down straight,
> and then makes a distinct left-hand curve out at the bottom 
> (l.2 just before
> the tear - BRTIM).

Shouldn't this be BRITM?

I've been using the photograph of this column from the CD-ROM edition of the
scrolls produced by FARMS and found it clearer and also capable of being
scaled up to be viewed more closely.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College
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