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orion-list Radiocarbon

	As a result of private correspondence from Stephen Goranson 
	I would like to clarify that my remarks at the beginning of my
	post yesterday were intended to respond to a charge 
	of being dishonest or engaging in wilful misrepresentation.  
	Goranson's radiocarbon argument itself, on its own terms, 
	presented in opposition to my own, is important and 
	merits full acknowledgement and serious consideration.
	There are indeed, of the nineteen Qumran texts which have 
	been radiocarbon dated, five which gave AMS measurements 
	whose two-sigma ranges are completely later than 63 BCE, 
	even at their earliest end, according to the most current 
	Seattle-Belfast calibration.  

	Goranson regards this as killing a 63 BCE hypothesis outright, 
	dead on arrival.  I do not agree with this conclusion concerning 
	a 63 BCE hypothesis, for reasons which I have made clear 
	elsewhere.  Nevertheless, every reader of orion should be aware 
	of what Goranson emphasizes--five radiocarbon dates, 
	for 1QH, 4Q171, 4Q266, 4Q258, and 4Q521, give calibrated date 
	ranges, each at two-sigma 95% confidence, later than 63 BCE.  
	In addition to the stand-alone issue of 4QpPsA, the testimony 
	of these five radiocarbon dates considered together is the most 
	serious argument on radiocarbon grounds against a 63 BCE 
	terminus hypothesis.  I apologize to Goranson for any impression 
	in my post yesterday of failing to acknowledge the merits or 
	legitimacy of that argument and its central importance to the issue.

	Greg Doudna

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