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orion-list Orion-List: Exodus (errata)

Oh, heck - spent all the time proofing the transcription and notation -
and part of a sentence and some parenthetical material were left out
of Para. 5 when moving sentences around. The missing parts are important,
as they change the meaning. Para. 5 should read:

These two fragments of Exodus display scribal ideographs, some of which
have already been mentioned (bet, nun); each fragment was written by a
different scribe. Although there are clear differences among graphs in
both fragments, particularly on the aleph, vav, and shin/sin (e.g. segol-
aleph in 'emor' and 'et' vs. tzere-aleph in 'Israel' on frag. 5; segol-
aleph in 'et' vs. tzere-aleph in 'Israel' on Frag. 4), strongly suggesting
variant phones - the fragments are too small for us to map graph-to-phone.
Both scribes, however, use the Phoenician-Hebraic trilinear limit system
that we saw demonstrated on the Yadi stele, and both use stress and dura-
tional notation. As we go through the fragments marking the notations, it
may be amusing to compare the reality of the words as spoken with the
printed "textbook" record in the BHS.

Please insert the corrected paragraph into your copy of the text.



Dr. Rochelle I. Altman, co-coordinator IOUDAIOS-L  risa@hol.gr

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