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Re: orion-list Altman scans

Rochelle wrote short descriptions of her scans as quoted below; I 
would suggest that these descriptions be posted on  Orion as part 
of the same page that has the links to the images.

> Yadi.htm is a scan of the stele of Kilamu King of Yadi (as noted
> on the posting, it is from Naveh). The stele uses the "late" (actually
> middle) Phoenician writing system... and is the same system used
> in Paleo-Hebraic.
> Exodus.htm is a scan of fragments 4 and 5 from Murabba'at with
> Frag. 4 above and Frag 5 below. The text is written in a formal,
> "liturgical," biblical book script... and again uses the Phoenican-
> Hebraic writing system - modified slightly for writing on leather/
> parchment. Each fragment is written by a different scribe: both
> scribes use variant forms as well as stress and durational notation...
> which we will look at.
> Serech.htm is the document that started this whole thing...It is
> written in an everyday, informal, Square Aramaic font. It still uses
> the ancient Phoenician-Hebraic writing system of variant phones and
> durational notation, but is already showing signs of a reduction in
> stress notation - a very typical pattern found throughout the West.
> Stress notation is always the first piece of the ancient system to be
> lost in the process of chipping away at a writing system (e.g. classi-
> cization) - it happens again and again. The four scribes of this document
> will be shown and some of their ideographs isolated.

Dave Washburn
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