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orion-list re: Altman Bibliography

Gentle Dr Altman--

Thanks much for your bibliography, particularly for its
newer inclusions!

> "Rochelle I. Altman" wrote:

> [snip]

> Parsing Rhythms
> *Southworth, James, G. _Verses of Cadence: An Introduction
to the Prosody
>         of Chaucer and his followers_. Oxford: Blackwell,
>         While this one may seem odd to find here, English
and Hebrew (and
>         Modern Italian) share similar (not identical, but
very similar)
>         parsing rhythms. As the MSS show that English
parsing rhythms
>         were already set in this pattern - at least in
Northumbrian and
>         Mercian [Mod. Eng is descended from Mercian] by
the 7th century,
>         a study of Chaucerian English is not anachronistic
and is quite
>         helpful in examining the early Hebrew parsing
rhythms that show up
>         in the Q texts. (I believe that someone has been
working on the
>         subject of Hebrew parsing rhythms, in Hebrew - and
thus is not all
>         that accessible.)

Perhaps another useful work written in English for this
section might be:
       Alonso-Schoekel, Luis.  1988. A manual of Hebrew
poetics.  Subsidia
        11.  Rome:  Editrice Pontificio istituto biblico.

> I wanted to put Akkadian, Sumerian, and Ugaritic
epigraphic material on as
> well - but my floppy drive is still recalcitrant.

I trust your drive will recover so that we may read your
suggestions in this
area, in particular such items as Kilmer & Civil on music
notation, et al.

Take care,

    -- Bob Dietel
        St Aidan's parish

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