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Re: orion-list Pliny Qumran analysis: palmarum / kaf.pe - kope (was Baumgarten)

According to Isidorus:
[. . .much interesting philological discussion snipped. . . ]
> If anything, behind this Pliny passage may directly lie,
> as Russell Gmirkin persuasively has argued Greek writings, such as those
> of Posidonius, Strabo, or of his contemporary Nicolaus of Damascus. This
> I will, too, will argue further, on the strength, primarily, of the other
> much perplexing word that has been routinely mistranslated in the passage,
> "nocent".
What would you suggest relates <Latin>nocent, noceo</> to Greek, and what
meaning does that suggest? Or, please frame your own question and discuss
it further.

> Yours,
> Isidoros,  Athens
> ioniccentre@hol.gr

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