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orion-list RE: Orion-list Writing Systems - Bib (Part 2)

The Book
Avrin, Leila. _Scribes, Script and Book: The book Arts from
        Antiquity to the Renaissance_. Chicago: ALA, 1991.
        A general introduction for the interested layman; includes a
        large bibliography.

Posner, Raphael and Israel Ta-Shema. _The Hebrew Book:  An Historical
        Survey_. New York: Amiel, 1975.

Roberts, Colin  H. and  T. C. Skeat. _The Birth of the Codex_. London:
        Oxford UP, 1983.

Skeat, Theodore  Cressy. "Early Christian Book-Production: Papyri and
        Manuscripts." _Cambridge History of the Bible_, vol. 2.
        Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1969. 54-79.

Turner, Eric G. _The Typology of the Early Codex_. Philadelphia:
        U of Pennsylvania P, 1977.

Script Systems (Epigraphy, Paleography)
*Bright, William and Peter T. Daniels, eds. _The World's  Writing
        Systems_. NY, Oxford: OUP, 1996.
        The introducion by Daniels should be read with care. The
        individual articles examine script systems (NOT writing
        systems) and their phones. On the whole the articles are
        at a high level, but ignore variant phones (the author of
        the article on Gothic ignores the two scripts, too.)

*Brown, Michelle P. _A Guide to Western Historical Scripts from
        Antiquity to 1600_. Toronto: University of Toronto Press,
        The most trustworthy intro to the subject. Brown also
        includes a list of paleographic terminology for beginners.

*Metzger, Bruce Manning._Manuscripts of the Greek Bible: an introduction
        to palaeography_. New York: Oxford UP, 1981.

*Naveh, Joseph. _Early History of the Alphabet: An Introduction
          to West Semitic Epigraphy and Palaeography_. Jerusalem:
          Magnes, 1982.

*Schmandt-Besserat, Denise. _How Writing  came about_. Austin,
          TX: U of Texas Press, 1996.

Susini, G[ian] C[arlo] (_Lapicida romano_). _The Roman stonecutter: an
        introduction to Latin epigraphy_. Intro. E. Badian
        trans. A. M. Dabrowski. Totowa, N.J.: Rowman and Littlefield 

*Turner, E.G. _Greek Manuscripts of the Ancient World_. Oxford:
        Clarendon, 1971. (Includes a discussion on papyrus as a
        writing surface.)

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