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Re: orion-list Writing systems - bib

Dear List members,

Please excuse the delay. The heat wave finally broke last night and
I can keep the computer up for more than 10-15 minutes now. If Prof.
Baasten will permit me to do so, the complete Bib - including
annotations will be along in about an hour - although it does seem
a bit much to inflict, yet again, a title that has already been
mentioned three (3) times - twice by me (once to Greg Doudna and
again in the bib) and once by Baasten - who obligingly filled in
the pub info that I had not yet entered due to a computer crash.
(The crash is why the garbled bib went out - it left the message in
"send" instead of "pend.") Neither the quote cited on DeFrancis nor
the annotation on D & B were complete.

If a message is sent asking people to ignore an incomplete item or
a private message, internet protocol is to ignore the second and to
wait for the first. Doing so is not only courteous, it can also save
someone from jumping the gun before he knows what he is firing at -
or from shooting himself in his own foot...

In any case, the complete bib will be on soon, and the scans (that I
can now make - I didn't dare to with an overheated machine) will be
shipped out later this afternoon. Both to keep the length down and
because it is easier to understand visual material with a picture in
hand, I'll send the first of three posts (one day at a time) tomorrow.

Thank you all for your patience with recalcitrant equipment (not
that I really can blame the poor thing..


Dr. Rochelle I. Altman, co-coordinator IOUDAIOS-L  risa@hol.gr

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