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Re: orion-list radiocarbon

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999 08:34:46 -0500, goranson@duke.edu writes:
>Dear orion list,
>  The sentence by Russell Gmirkin, quoted below, misleads and does a
>disservice to this list.
>  What Professor Jull wrote was not merely generalities unconnected
>to Greg Doudna's pathetically fallacious insistance that all Qumran mss
>were produced by 63 BC, but, rather, a response to Doudna's own words on
>orion, a response not generally referring but specifically referring to
>texts including 4Q171 and its test results at Prof. Jull's own lab and
>Doudna's dismissal of that data due to his other hypothesis. Why Gmirkin
>endeavored to obscure such facts is further mystifying, because Doudna's
>response to Jull shows full well that Doudna knows Jull presented Doudna's
>approach--his dismissing this data--as wrong, unscientific.
>  Doudna has misled orion list on radiocarbon vis-a-vis archaeology
>in this particular case.
>Stephen Goranson

   All of you have seen the whole post earlier.
   Gorenson's statement is outrageous and shameful.  

   Withdraw it, sir!

Tom Simms
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