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Re: orion-list radiocarbon

Dear orion list,

	The sentence by Russell Gmirkin, quoted below, misleads and does a
disservice to this list.

	What Professor Jull wrote was not merely generalities unconnected
to Greg Doudna's pathetically fallacious insistance that all Qumran mss
were produced by 63 BC, but, rather, a response to Doudna's own words on
orion, a response not generally referring but specifically referring to
texts including 4Q171 and its test results at Prof. Jull's own lab and
Doudna's dismissal of that data due to his other hypothesis. Why Gmirkin
endeavored to obscure such facts is further mystifying, because Doudna's
response to Jull shows full well that Doudna knows Jull presented Doudna's
approach--his dismissing this data--as wrong, unscientific.

	Doudna has misled orion list on radiocarbon vis-a-vis archaeology
in this particular case.

Stephen Goranson

>[....]  As a
>generality, Jull said that data points should not be excluded due to some
>special hypothesis, but this comment was not made with reference to Doudna,
>as Goranson insinuates, nor is this something Doudna has done with his
>radiocarbon dating in his carefully researched and thought-provoking
>articles. [....]

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