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orion-list RE: Orion-list Writing systems - bib

This is  a short  introductory bib.  It has been restricted to
books in
English as texts in German, French, Hebrew, Catalan, etc., are
to come by in the average American or English Library. Because
so much
of the  earlier work has been superceded, it also concentrates
on more
recent texts.  Many books  on the  bib should  be available at
major public
libraries, but  some (of  which a number are essential reading
and are
marked by  an asterisk  *) probably  may only  be found at the
nearest major
university library... but that is unavoidable. Some annotation
been added  when the  relevance may  seem odd  or  a  work  is

Writing Systems
*DeFrancis, John.  _Visible Speech:  The  Diverse  Oneness  of
        Systems_. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1989.
     This is the only book in English on writing systems as

Symbol Set Systems
*Shoenfield, Joseph R. _Mathematical Logic_. Reading, Mass:
        Addison-Wesley, 1967.
          While directed at symbolic logic, Chapter 1 contains
        clearest exposition of what is meant by symbol systems
        and bound and unbound forms. (You don't have to read
        past Chapter 1, if you don't want to... )

Script Design
*Hofstadter,  Douglas   R.   "Metafont,   Metathematics,   and
Metaphysics," in
         _Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind
        Pattern_. New York: Basic Books, Inc. 1985.
            Hofstadter is  probably the best discussion of the
problems of
            script design  to be found outside of professional

Script Design (from the professional point of view)
Lawson, Alexander  S. _Anatomy of a typeface_. Boston: Godine,

Zapf, Hermann.  _About Alphabets:  some marginal notes on type
        Cambrdige, MA: MIT Press, 1970.

The Impact of Writing:

Bagnell, Roger  S. _Reading  Papyri, Writing Ancient History_.
         New York: 1995.

Diringer, David.  _The Alphabet,  A  Key  to  the  History  of
        2 vols. 3rd ed. New York and London: 1968.

Logan, Robert  K. _The  alphabet effect:  the  impact  of  the
         alphabet on the development of Western Civilization_.
        Morrow, 1986.

Ullman, Berthold Louis. _Ancient Writing and Its Influence_.
        Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1969.

The Book
Avrin, Leila.  _Scribes, Script and Book:  The book  Arts from
        to the Renaissance. Chicago: ALA, 1991.
            A general  introduction for the interested layman;
includes a
        large bibliography.

Posner, Raphael  and Israel  Ta-Shema. _The  Hebrew  Book:  An
        Survey_. New York: Amiel, 1975.

Roberts, Colin  H. and  T. C. Skeat. _The Birth of the Codex_.
        Oxford UP, 1983.

Skeat, Theodore  Cressy. "Early   Christian   Book-Production:
Papyri and
          Manuscripts." _Cambridge History of the Bible_, vol.
        Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1969. 54-79.

Turner,  Eric   G.  _The   Typology  of   the  Early   Codex_.
        U of Pennsylvania P, 1977.

Script Systems (Epigraphy, Paleography)
Bright,  William  and  Peter  Daniels.  _The  World's  Writing

Brown, Michelle P. _A Guide to Western Historical Scripts from
     Antiquity to 1600_. Toronto: University of Toronto Press,

Naveh, Joseph. _Early History of the Alphabet: An Introduction
to West
            Semitic Epigraphy  and  Palaeography_.  Jerusalem:
Magnes, 1982.

Schmandt-Besserat, Denise.  _How Writing  came about_. Austin,
TX: U of
        Texas Press, 1996.

Turner, E.G. _Greek Manuscripts of the Ancient World_. Oxford:
        Clarendon, 1971.

Script as Identity
*Morison, Stanley. _Politics and Scripts: Aspects of authority
        freedom in the development of Graeco-Latin script from
          sixth century B.C. to the twentieth century A.D. The
        Lectures 1957_. Nicolas Barker, ed. Oxford: Clarendon,
          There are many problems with this work, the greatest
          that Morison ignores Semitic influences on Christian
          systems as well as Semitic influences on territorial
            in Greek  and Latin.  Nevertheless,  the  book  is
essential if one
            wishes to  understand the  importance of script as

Martin, Henri  Jean.  _The  history  and  power  of  writing_.
          et pouvoirs de l'ecrit, Paris: Perrin). Trans. Lydia
        Cochrane. Chicago: U of C Press, 1994.

*Goody, Jack.  _The logic  of writing  and the organization of
        Cambridge: CUP, 1986.

- -  -. The  interface  between  the  written  and  the  Oral.
Cambridge: CUP,

Punctuation Systems
Parkes, Malcolm  B. _Pause  and Effect: An Introduction to the
History of
            Punctuation in the West. Aldershot, Hants.: Scolar
Press, 1992.

Musical Notation/Psalms

Avenary, Hanoch.  Studies in  the Hebrew,  Syrian,  and  Greek
liturgical recitative. Tel-Aviv: Israel Music Institute, 1963.

De  Poli,   Giovanni,  Aldo   Piccialli,  and   Curtis  Roads.
Representations of  Musical  Signals.  Cambridge,  Mass.:  MIT
Press, 1991.

McKinnon,  James.   Music  in   early  Christian   literature.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987.

Stevens, John.  Words and  Music in  the  Middle  Ages:  Song,
Narrative, Dance  and Drama,  1050-1350. Cambridge:  Cambridge
UP, 1986.

Parsing Rhythms

Southworth, James,  G. Verses  of Cadence:  An Introduction to
the Prosody  of Chaucer  and his followers. Oxford: Blackwell,

Van der  Meer, Willem  and Johannes C. de Moor. The Structural
analysis of  Biblical and  Canaanite Poetry.  Sheffield: JSOT,
1988. 1-61.

Dr. Rochelle I. Altman, co-coordinator IOUDAIOS-L  risa@hol.gr

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