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Re: orion-list radiocarbon

On Sat, 21 Aug 1999 20:35:37 EDT,  RGmyrken@aol.com writes:
>    Having read Greg Doudna's radiocarbon articles, and having read Jull's 
>post with great interest, I do not see how Jull's informative post could 
>fairly be taken to refute Doudna's observations or theories.  As a 
>generality, Jull said that data points should not be excluded due to some 
>special hypothesis, but this comment was not made with reference to Doudna, 
>as Goranson insinuates, nor is this something Doudna has done with his 
>radiocarbon dating in his carefully researched and thought-provoking 
>articles.  I don't think Goranson's characterizations of Jull's post are fair 
>or accurate or add to the discussion.  
>    Russell Gmirkin

     I agree totally.

Tom Simms

>> > Greg Doudna has repeatedly told the orion list that 
>> >AMS experts agree with his presentation of the Qumran 
>> >tests. Now that a leading expert, in fact, reads the 
>> >evidence differently, Greg persists in efforts to justify 
>> >his other hypothesis. 

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