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Re: orion-list Radiocarbon discussion

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999 11:44:51 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time), goranson@duke.edu
>	Greg Doudna has repeatedly told the orion list that 
>AMS experts agree with his presentation of the Qumran 
>tests. Now that a leading expert, in fact, reads the 
>evidence differently, Greg persists in efforts to justify 
>his other hypothesis. 
>	By all means, Greg, cite studies you think are 
>parallel. But, first, ask yourself what you mean by "a 
>particular assemblage." Your hidden assumption (the a 
>priori which your other hypothesis requires) is that this 
>"assemblage" has a fixed sudden end date which occurred at 
>the peak of rapid production. When the data do not support 
>that, you do precisely what Professor Jull (someone I have 
>never met nor communicated with) clearly and correctly 
>indicated: you remove data inconvenient to your hypothesis. 
>In other words, the way you think about this Qumran 
>"assemblage"  is not logical, but circular.
>best wishes,

>Stephen Goranson

   Good Grief, Professor, are you saying that I, Professor Doudna 
   or Professor Jull argue what you say above?

   I hope not.

   You tortured my arguments on this issue until others posted
   notices of the modern contamination of the Scrolls that had
   occurred.  Professor Jull agreed with my suggestions.

   Are you going to turn MY arguments on their heads next?

   Reread both Jull's and Doudna's presentations again even if
   you don't care to reread mine.

Tom Simms 
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