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Re: orion-list Pliny Qumran analysis (A. Baumgarten question)

Sigrid, Sigrid,

	I wrote an essay with a thesis, a thesis which I stated and then
supported. Surely you are familiar with such literature, even though you
claim you don't "do" arguments. Certainly, I could have written it
differently; I could have gone the autobiographical way, and recounted my
adventures since... since that summer of '68, as I gathered clues, some by
standard investigative operating procedure, some by stumbling upon them....
Or, I could have written it as a fifty-part analysis of all possibilities,
listing all the authors Pliny provides for Book 5; then, if the reader
survives the tedium, said reader may notice that Agrippa, only, is alone
escaped to tell us.

	Rackham's Loeb introduction in the first volume quotes the same
Pliny the Younger letter which I mentioned before (from his book 3). It has
to do, I suggest. I offer for consideration, with a reader's pronunciation,
rather than translation.

	I'm open to reading your proposals.

best wishes,
Stephen Goranson

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