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Re: orion-list Pliny Qumran analysis (A. Baumgarten question)

It works better to break my response into two parts. I hope that doesn't
put me over the limit, Avital.

According to Stephen Goranson:
[. . . ]

> 	So far, your conjecture with Syriac information that "socia
> palmarum" means "society of the pious" has not appeared persuasive to me.
> (And do you mean instead of referring to palm trees or in addition to
> referring to palm trees?) If you have additional evidence or arguments, I
> will read those.

I didn't intend to persuade you. Only to shake the presupposition that 
the source was a Latin text.

*Palma* in Latin refers both to palm trees and to the palm of the hand--it
is possible to understand "social palmarum" as roughly meaning "Society of
those with (open) palms." `Open palms,' in turn, is one sense of KP, the
Aramaic word that eventually came to mean "pious," reflecting the posture
of prayer with bent hands. That was the meaning in the example I provided,
one that was close at hand, and of course in a multitude of others which
may be discovered by looking at the text references in Payne Smith's
THESAURUS SYRIACUS, with its Latin definitions of words, the big Payne.

Unfortunately, I am unable to use the University of Pennsylvania Library,
where a copy of the LEXICON is available, so I can't give you other and
better sources for the meaning of KF, KF). My source for the word and its
meanings is his daughter's English-language COMPENDIOUS SYRIAC DICTIONARY,
the little Payne (actually Payne-Smith Margoliouth), which is derived and
translated from the big Payne.

> best wishes,
> Stephen Goranson

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